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 April 1, 2014


I hope this newsletter finds each of you well. Mary, Jacy and I are now living at Camp Lejeune. The weather here like the rest of the United States has been crazy. I hope you folks up north are digging out and preparing for the trip south for our annual reunion. Things were a little slower this year due to our impending retirement but everything is under control now.
We made the trip to Parris Island in February to attend SgtMaj Buckís retirement and the appointment of SgtMaj Archie as the new Depot SgtMaj. We are very excited that SgtMaj Buck will remain at Parris Island as the Protocol Officer.
The Association continues to operate in the black. The end of the year accounting is on the web site and the 990 should be completed prior to the reunion. Donations have increased and I encourage those who can to continue to donate.
I am still experiencing some delays in processing memberships due to the forms being sent to Parris Island. In the future please address correspondence to the Association directly to me at PO Box 8086, Camp Lejeune, NC 28547.
If you are attending the reunion please make plans to attend the memberís meeting on Saturday, 3 May 2014. The meeting is your opportunity to discuss new items of interest. We look forward to seeing you there.

Planning is almost complete for our 2014 Reunion. We are waiting on approval from the depot for the sequence of events. I am attaching the tentative schedule for your information and planning. If there are changes they will be on the web site and announced at Registration. If you have not registered please do so prior to arrival to avoid paying additional monies at the door. This is a numbers driven event and we need those numbers as early as we can get them. There will not be a formal Golf Tournament this year as we have no one to coordinate with Legends or put the Tournament together. There never seems to be a good time to have it. I encourage all you golfers to contact Legends and arrange for a Tee Time and play. There have been comments about golf in our comments section.

Response to our latest reminder card was very good. We will continue to send reminders at least twice a year as a courtesy to our members. I still encourage all of you to invite a Drill Instructor to join. While you are at Parris Island talk to active duty Drill Instructors about the Association and encourage them to join. SgtMaj Moore recently gave the Association presentation to the graduating class at Drill Instructor School.


We now have some new long sleeve T-Shirts available in two different designs. One has our logo and the other has the Marine Corps Emblem. They are available now and will be available at the Reunion. The cost is $20.00 with $7.00 shipping. There will be items available at the reunion; however quantities will be limited. A sign up sheet will be available at the Quartermaster table to place special orders.

While I report that we continue to operate in the black, we cannot become complacent. Membership dues alone will not sustain the Association. We ask that if you are able, please make an occasional tax deductible donation to YOUR Association.


Semper Fidelis,

SgtMaj Kenneth D. Miller USMC (Ret)
President East Coast Drill Instructors Association


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